Someone once said “Happiness is a mother and daughter spending time together!” Well my daughter and I agree, so much that we even started a local business. Sweet and Spicy Jams started as a home garden that my daughter and I keep. We started by growing small and simple produce. Since then we have grown different vegetables and peppers to add to our home cooked dinners every night. We grew so much produce we even started to freeze it to save it for another time. At the beginning of summer 2019 my daughter was bored and wanted something to do, that is when we decided we would make different jams with the produce. While making the jams we discovered that the secret is our fresh produce and small batches that insure the great taste. I also discovered the best part of the whole working process, getting to see my daughters face light up with excitement when we get to taste the final product. After having such a great time we have finally decided to bring our product to the market! We hope you enjoy our homemade jams and hope it brings happiness to your home, as it has for ours.